Leading manufacturer of stainless steel products from India.
Leading manufacturer of stainless steel products from India.
All about SS products from Stainless Steel Company in India.
A wide range of stainless steel products in forged round bar, flats, hexagonal bars, bright bars, square bars, wire rods, coils, sheets, plates, pipe, tube fittings from India.
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  SS Round Bar
  SS Forged Rounds
  SS Flats
  SS Hexagonal Bars
  SS Bright Bars
  SS Square Bars
  SS Wire Rods
  SS Coils / Sheets / Plates
  SS Pipe & Tube
  SS Tube Fittings
      Metal Components
  Barstock Components
  Industrial Components
Product Specifications
Industrial Components

Storage Tanks & Vessels

Khodal custom design and fabricate stainless steel tanks & vessels for the pharma, beverage, food, dairy & brewery industries. They are offered in a choice of configurations including cone, sloped or dished bottoms with lids or closed tops. They are offered in both single wall & jacketed tank designs. Normally type 304 or 316L stainless steel is used throughout. Also extra fine mechanical finishes and electro polishing may be specified. Sizes range from 50 liters to 10,000 liters.

Our modern, well equipped manufacturing facilities are staffed by skilled craftsman. Consistently meeting important tolerances and finish specification is of primary concern to us. Our commitment to quality manufacturing, responsible service and realistic pricing has led to our growth.

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