Leading manufacturer of stainless steel products from India.
Leading manufacturer of stainless steel products from India.
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A wide range of stainless steel products in forged round bar, flats, hexagonal bars, bright bars, square bars, wire rods, coils, sheets, plates, pipe, tube fittings from India.
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Industrial Components

Spray Balls

The Spray Ball is a simple yet highly effective device for the internal washing of process and storage tanks. A Spray Ball, powered by the cleaning fluid, generates a dense spray to clean every part of the vessel. There is only one moving part and maintenance is zero. No lubrication is necessary which prevents any risk of oil or grease contamination of product making the Spray Ball ideally suited to the hygiene sensitive applications. Spray Balls are widely accepted for applications in the food, beverage, pharma and chemical industries where fast and thorough cleaning is essential.

These versatile units operate with a wide variety of chemicals and detergents in frequently hostile environments and temperatures of upto 120oC. They operate with maximum water pressure of 3 bar and flow rates 125 lpm.

Spray Balls are made of stainless steel 316
End connections are Tri-clamp 1” or 1 1 /2”
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