Leading manufacturer of stainless steel products from India.
Leading manufacturer of stainless steel products from India.
All about SS products from Stainless Steel Company in India.
A wide range of stainless steel products in forged round bar, flats, hexagonal bars, bright bars, square bars, wire rods, coils, sheets, plates, pipe, tube fittings from India.
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Product Specifications
Industrial Components

Sanitary Stainless Steel Valves

Industrial EquipWash Inc. offer a wide range of sanitary stainless steel valves for the pharma, bio-tech, food, mineral water, beverage, dairy, cosmetics and allied process industries. The range offered include: ball valves, diaphargm valves, butterfly valves, non-return valves, GMP loop valves, sampling valves, flow diversion valves, angle valves, pressure relief valves, float valves and flush bottom valves. The end connections can be Tri-clamp, IDF, SMS, DIN, RJT, SJT and flange. They are offered in port sizes 1/4” to 4” .

The valves are manufactured from quality SS 304/316/316L, duly buffed and electro -polished.All gaskets & 'O' rings are of food grade elastomers. The valves are free from sharp corners and un-cleanable pockets. The CIP design ensures cleaning of all product contact areas without dismantling the valves.
Flow Diversional Valves are double seated 3-way valves design for pharma, food & cosmetic industries. Designed for use in sterile processing systems, both the stem & body bonnet have product protection chambers. Steam can be circulated through the valve preventing bacteria in product contact areas. The valves are fabricated from SS-316 with surface roughness below 240#. The gaskets & 'O' rings are of EPDM or viton & seat of teflon.
Flush Bottom Valve
Stainless Steel Sanitary Flush Bottom Valves are designed to be installed in storage tanks, agitator reactor & mixers. The valve are sanitary designed with no uncleanable pockets or dead lakes. Fabricated from SS-304/316& electro-polished to 240# surface finish and hydro tested to 10 bar. The valves seat is of silicon or viton or EPDM & steam sterilizable to 120oC. They are offered in port sizes 1" to 4".
Ball Valves
Butterfly Valves
Diaphargm Valves
Flow Diversional Valve
G.M.P. Loop Valves
Flush Bottom Valves
Sampling Valves
Non-return Valves
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