Leading manufacturer of stainless steel products from India.
Leading manufacturer of stainless steel products from India.
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A wide range of stainless steel products in forged round bar, flats, hexagonal bars, bright bars, square bars, wire rods, coils, sheets, plates, pipe, tube fittings from India.
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Industrial Components

On-Site Orbital Welding Services

Khodal offer On-Site Orbital Welding Services for the Pharmaceutical, Bio-Tech, Food , Beverages, Cosmetic & Allied Industries. These machines are suitable for welding stainless steel tubes of wall thickness 2.5mm to 5.0 mm using fusion technique for high volume production. We have indigenously developed a Microprocessor Controlled Orbital Welding TIG Power Supply with inbuilt Printer and necessary Controls . Real Time Reports with machine generated Tag No. & Result for every weld is provided.

High standard welding quality.
Consistent & repeatability welding quality.
Consistent & repeatability welding quality.
Reduce manpower and increase the production.
Save consumables like gas, tungsten electrodes, electric power etc.


Welds are free of oxidation because surrounding air is automatically purged in the chamber prior to start of the weld sequence.

The dual clamping system which generates spring tension keeps both sides uniformly hold to maintain accurate and rigid matching of the parts to be welded.

Light weight for handling and welding in critical position as well as in Shop floor.
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